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Development history of Chinese compactor machine- -plate compactor

Jun 22,/2022

Foundation is the key factor to determine the quality of building. In the field of contemporary construction, the compaction of backfill soil is mainly carried out by road rollers, plate compactors and other machinery. Next, we will briefly analyze the development process of plate compactor in China.

Before the emergence of modern road rollers and flat rammers, stone ramming was an important helper for foundation compaction in construction projects at that time. It took the most primitive manpower as the power source and made great contributions to the buildings at that time. Now it is like an old man sitting in front of the gate. He is returning to the west mountain day by day. He has already withdrawn from the stage of history, but it has been brilliant, but it will remain in the world forever! Because it is based on the principle of stone tamping that different types of tamping machines have been used in various fields of the motherland to make contributions to the infrastructure of the motherland.

When I was young, the main task of building dams was earthworks. The whole village mobilized men, women and children to dig soil from other places and transport it to the construction site with simple tools such as shelf cars and baskets in the spirit of gnawing at the bones. The soil was paved layer by layer by manpower, and then the soft and weak soil was tamped with heavy stone rammers, so as to build a dam that can effectively resist the impact of floods. Stone tamping became an important tool for damming the river at that time. It used manual lifting to smash the earth, which was a very strong physical labor.

With the progress of mechanical electrification, the frog compactor was born. The main principle is to use the rotation of the eccentric iron block, and the tamping plate is affected by the eccentric rotary inertia to produce a fixed frequency to tamp on the ground. Because the old frog compactor is driven by the motor to rotate the eccentric block, it has high requirements for the position of the fixed power supply. In short, it can only be used where there is electricity, and the range of the use position is affected.

The invention of the gasoline tamping machine is like a horse breaking away from the shackles of the rope and running farther. Because the gasoline tamper does not need electricity to provide power source, it drives the eccentric block through its own gasoline engine. The construction range of the gasoline tamper greatly increases the working range of the small flat tamper.

Shanghai Jiezhou Engineering & Mechanism Co., Ltd. develops and produces gasoline powered plate compactor, which is currently a representative enterprise in the field of compactors in China. Its one-way plate compactor is famous for its reliable quality, strong power, low price and good quality, and is widely praised by customers.

In order to adapt to the compaction in a larger area, Shanghai Jiezhou Engineering & Mechanism Co., Ltd. has developed a two-way plate compactor, which is characterized by large tonnage compaction strength and reliable hydraulic device to control the forward and backward construction, which not only greatly strengthens the foundation compaction quality, but also improves the work efficiency.


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